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In order to accomplish our goal of ‘Great Service, Everywhere – All the time’ ODV recruits and hires young, energetic individuals, then teaches them all the key concepts we found necessary to know, backed by our 10+ years in the industry.  Our combination of senior leadership & young growing valet network are a result of our ability to gain and maintain business in valet operations, providing consistent and successful valet opportunities for our now over 120 trained valets at over 50 locations.  ODV recognizes the strength in brand value and aims to amplify our clients’ brand by enhancing the guest arrival experience using warm and energetic greetings followed by genuine and hospitable service.

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Let us handle your valet needs!


Have an up coming event?

Let us handle your valet needs!

  • We work direct with you or your event planner to deliver a customized plan that meets your exact needs.
  • Our entire staff is hand picked and given our 5 star training to ensure every type of vehicle can be handled properly and their keys accounted for.
  • Don’t have a lot large enough for your private event? No problem! We’ll work with you to find a lot local where we can park and retrieve the cars.
  • We’re here for you and your patrons rain or shine! We offer umbrella service when the weather doesn’t cooperate. It’s the extra little touches that truly make a difference.

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At Open Door Hospitality, we take pride in our craft of valet parking.  Safely increasing lot capacity for our clients has distinguished our brand value.  Strategic placement and staging of vehicles is able to gain up to 100% added efficiency in parking spaces.  The science of safely fitting the most amount of vehicles into a lot space is what we call Parkology.

Let the Parkologists at Open Door turn your parking woes in to service surpluses while dazzling your guests with genuine hospitality.

Our Valet Parking Partners

Open Door Valet is privileged to be the valet parking service provider for many wonderful establishments. Our team of auto attendants work hard on maintaining the optimal working relationships with our clients so that our service continues to be an asset to all those who contract with us. Based in Philadelphia, Valet Parking is a value added service that is perfect for any establishment.

If you’ve been thinking about adding the convenience of Valet Parking to your establishment, now’s the time act.  Call us today to book your first event!