Professional and courteous Staff


Open Door Valet, also known as Open Door Hospitality was founded in 2009



Originally from Piscataway, NJ graduated PHS in 2000.  Attended Rutgers University College of Engineering.  Sought a different path. Founded Open Door Valet in 2009.  Supreme motivator. Vegetarian/Vegan Nutrition enthusiast.   NY Jets fan and favorite player is Kyrie Irving.

“We have blessed to work with many awesome people and master the art of valet parking.  We enjoy what we do and look forward to many more opportunities, hopefully with you!”  – Douglas English






Serving as Vice President & CFO of Open Door Valet.  Chris graduated from Rutgers University in 2010 with a B.A. in Philosophy.  He worked as a Middle School Reading Teacher and Basketball Coach for 5 years in Florida before returning to New Jersey with his wife and two children. “I love the time and freedom that I’m afforded by working with ODV”.  Chris is also a Jets fan.  Favorite player is Raja Rondo.







A true professional.  Mike is 6ft 6in tall!  Former college basketball playing Mike aka MG can run a lot with the best of them.  3+ years valet experience, a top-tier valet who has valeted at all our accounts.  Mike is hoping to grow with this company as a stand out valet and Operations Manager.

“I like working for Open Door Valet because it’s a great group of guys with high goals and aspirations for the valet business”




Nicknamed “Flash” for his lightning quick commute to retrieve vehicles, Ryan’s experience also in electronics and photography.  We love our staff!  Flash is a great valet and a great character in the ‘locker room’.