Communication is paramount.  In an industry that basically doesn’t have an office or work space, we utilize social media and apps such as Zello to communicate to staff members.  In fact it is a requirement for all managers to wear a headset and have Zello active on busy days.  Zello with ten or more members active, strategizing to execute the gameplan always, which is to provide the best valet service possible.  The app Zello allows for message playback.  After a crazy Saturday sometimes I’ll go back and listen to it all unfold.  This guy is going here to pick up this sign, drop it off to this guy who needs it for this event.  This guy needs an extra polo, he needs tickets.  There is a broken wheel here, it’s going to rain… whatever the case may be… we have this problem solver mentality that says ‘bring it on’ and our guys respond.  It’s a thing of beauty.  I don’t know how it works with other valet companies, but we have been building something special over here.  Our communication modules bring us closer together.  We develop a new sense of humor that would only be applicable in group chats or else would just be lame.  We are having ongoing conversations that never really stop (sometimes it gets a bit much).  We have over 100 members on group chat and 6-12 members on zello channel at any given time.  Then we have a facebook group and email chain.  The majority of us know what is going on with the company at any given time and that is done on purpose to give us the best chance at getting better as a group.  I love ODV.