Public Valet

Public Valet

So we’ve gone through all our traditional valet services we offer plus some of the cool new things we’re doing like “On Demand” valet. You’ll be happy to know we’ve also rolled out our Public Valet parking services. We’ve worked with directly with New Hope, Doylestown, and Princeton to secure public lots that you can park in if you can’t find local parking where you’re going.

If you’re wondering what separates us from a normal self-park lot, it’s a reasonable question, but there are differences that equate to real benefits.

  • When using our public valet lots, you don’t have to park. Just pull up and our experienced valet drivers will park and return your car to you.
  • Because of our expertise in valet parking, the lots become more efficient, which means you’re more likely to find a spot with us.
  • Our pricing structure is very competitive. Rest assured you won’t be surprised by any larger-than-life parking fees.
  • Lastly, we’ve worked with the local community to agree on lots that put you right in heart of great attractions. We understand that finding a good spot means more than just having a place to park.

If you’re local to Bucks County, New Hope, or Princeton, let Open Door Valet be your public valet parking provider at these three locations. We are continuously expanding so please check back from time to time to see where we’ve grown!

Open Door Valet provides parking options to the Public!  Our goal is to alleviate parking perils in popular small cities/towns.  We are able to manage the lots we operate in to maximize the lot potential and fit more cars.  Our presence means parking option for you!  Text-2-Retrieve means you text us your ticket number and well deliver your car to you!  It is our goal to revolutionize the night-life experience in these popular small cities by allowing a great parking option.

Why Choose Open Door Valet? 

  • We’ll park and retrieve your car at our designated public valet lots.
  • Our public lots often have parking vacancy because of our efficient parking.
  • All guests are greeted and departed with warm welcomes and goodbyes!
  • Our well-trained drivers safely, efficiently, and professionally park your car until you’re ready for pickup.
  • Every passenger is assisted with the opening and closing of doors.
  • If there is luggage on board, our trained staff will help passengers with their packages.
  • Our entire staff is hand picked and given our 5 star training to ensure every vehicle can be handled properly.
  • We’re here for you and your patrons rain or shine! We offer umbrella service while you exit and enter the car and get situated before your walk into town. It’s the extra little touches that truly make a difference.

Insurance = Peace of Mind              

 We’ve mentioned that all our drivers are hand picked and went through our 5-star training program correct? Well, even though that’s great to know, accidents do still happen.  At Open Door Valet, our claim record is substantially lower than the national industry average, which means chances are nothing will happen.  Even so, you can rest assured knowing that on the rare occasion of a mishap; we are insured with a two million dollar Garage Keeper’s Liability policy. If you’re planning a large event we can increase our coverage to meet your requirements. Lastly, because everyone should cross their “T’s” and dot their “I’s”, we have a Certificate of Insurance available for inspection at any time.

**Certificates of Additional Insurance can be available within 1 business day, for a nominal charge.