“Teamwork makes the dream work.”

rain valet

Carrying out an operation, as it grows and gets bigger (and more spread out), it’s essential to have teamwork.  Great teams have great leaders/leadership.  Leaders set the tone for the rest of the team to adhere to, mimic and amplify.  Leaders are the engine that makes a team go, and the energy that leaders are bringing is the gasoline.  Not everyone is a leader, not everyone wants to be a leader.  Once a leader reveals themselves, they now have to deal with the pressures of being a leader.  But this is essentially what leaders do and are needed to sustain/carry.  A leader must have already been in habitual practice of holding themselves accountable and now must hold ourselves accountable for others as well.  THAT is a leader.  I am a leader that recognizes the value of the team.

My vision, as I have voiced to my guys many times, is:  If we are able to truly harmonize, to be out for one another, in agreement (not too combative) with the same goal in our minds, we will be able to accomplish things that simply can’t be done individually.  Hence we are stronger as a ‘team’.  We as individuals can draw strength and momentum from the team we are vested in.  I use the example of when a group of men are carrying a coffin.  One or two guys are not able to carry this heavy a load.  But with eight or nine guys involved, one could let go and it wouldn’t barely make a difference.  This is the strength of teamwork.  This translates to our enterprise because if someone has an off day we won’t all die.  We share the ‘burden’ of accountability to make it easier on us.  It’s truly a beautiful thing.

Have you ever witnessed a group of people in harmony with the same goal?  Whether its… a kitchen staff, in sync during a rush getting all the plates out flawless, there is a total group focus and great results achieved; everyone is needed.  The Golden State Warriors beating the Chicago Bulls record.  The Spurs or the Patriots being great year after year with different players (some the same).  Great accomplishments through teamwork, understanding how to work as a team.

What enables teamwork to serve of benefit?  Checking egos only in the sense that, individual pride is not a priority that whatever is allowing the team to succeed is prioritized and nurtured.  What can stop teamwork from happening?  Unhealthy disagreements, taking things too personal and not allowing for opposing opinions to be considered or exist.  What prevents teamwork?  Lack of communication, and unwillingness to let down guards and be open and exposed, lack of trust in the system and/or teammate.  Doubt in others.  Lack of respect.  Secret conversations and gossip.  Most of all, lack of accountability by individuals.  When it comes to group enterprise, the most successful are masters of accountability.  We recognize that by allowing room for excuses and explanations as to why something wasn’t done or wasn’t done correctly, we are creating failure.  And we do it to avoid the feeling of failure, which is what we are trying to do when we make excuses or justify unfruitful actions.

What makes teamwork work?  Selflessness.  Defenselessness.  Making ourselves vulnerable and putting our trust in the hands of the people next to us.  I think the 4 agreements are always applicable that is: (1) Be impeccable with our word (2) Always do our best (3) Take nothing personal (4) Don’t make assumptions.  I think this is a great roadmap for successful teamwork.  We have to be willing to admit we are wrong and not drag out senseless ‘defenses’ in the name of pride.  Unwillingness to admit being wrong or at fault comes from identifying with our opinions.  Meaning psychologically we ‘become’ our opinions and to be proven ‘wrong’ means ‘death’.  When our sense of self is derived from ‘a deeper sea’ the waves crashing above won’t disturb our inner peace.  When we take offense to opposing ideas we are stunting growth and progress.  A wise man said “the unvarying mark of wisdom is the ability to entertain a notion without accepting it”.  There is no offense in that.  We are dealing with the facts and chose the best course of action based on what we know and understand.  There is no room for ego battles of ‘right and wrong’, it’s gathering information and agreeing on a direction based on understanding goals.